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Chelsea. 21. Florida.
Liam. 23. Florida.
Engaged November 8th, 2012
Officially closed the distance on
February 15th, 2014
Married April 11th, 2014

We are currently in a relationship 4,357 miles away from one another, but that's not enough to keep us apart.. We use this blog together, and share our experiences, while sharing others experiences. We love to give out advice and are only a few mouse clicks away. Stay strong and fight the distance.
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Such LDR. Wow.
-Liam and Chelsea


This is so nice!! Thank you so much, it truly means a lot to the both of us. <3
-Chelsea and Liam

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Does Liam ever complain about you wanting to kiss him and say you kiss too much?

Only when I’m annoying him lol

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Last night I was skyping with my LDBF and I went and asked about his past. Like how he broke his virginity and was he sexually active and all. Mind you, I'm still a virgin though. After asking all that, I got really upset. I just wished it could have been me instead of all those girls. And I got super more upset when I asked about him being sexually active with his ex but he cuts me off and didn't explain more cause he doesn't want to upset me. And today I don't feel like talking to him at all:(

I can relate on the being a virgin, your partner not being side. Yes it is upsetting, but you also asked. If you didn’t think you could handle it you shouldn’t have asked. I think it was a good thing that he decided not to talk about it. Especially because that is his past, and if he wants to discuss it with you than he would but he isn’t obligated. I don’t think it’s fair to not talk to him. It’s going to be very tough to find somebody who hasn’t been sexually active if I’m honest, so any other partners you might have will end up in this same situation.

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